House of Hopes is a nonprofit organization bringing stories of hardship and happiness together through photography, giving hopes of encouragement and inspiration to the place we call home.

House of Hopes, formerly House of Harkless [started in 2012], was founded in 2014. It began as a way to fund an adoption and through the process found purpose in using photography as a way to give back and saw a need for bringing awareness to people’s stories in our community. Stories of deep heartache, pain, and loss. Stories of celebration, inspiration, and survivorship. HoH brings these stories together through either capturing the families directly or donating to relevant fundraising efforts.

What are these stories of hardship and happiness?

House of Hopes captures stories of those battling cancer and life threatening illnesses, families grieving the loss of a loved one, and enduring other life changing struggles. It also captures stories of families being united, individuals overcoming the odds, and  community members making a difference.

How are we inspiring communities?

House of Hopes connects these families and the community, allowing the families to share their stories and the community to offer their support through encouragement, financial donations, and volunteering their time and or applicable services.

House of Hopes is a nonprofit organization residing in Michiana, an area of Northern Indiana. While it primarily serves the surrounding communities, HoH also has a national database of volunteer photographers in over thirty states. We can try to secure a volunteer in your area if we are able, or we can travel with the donation of travel costs.

Founder- Heathyr Harkless

Photo Credit: Amy Reinert Photography

Heathyr has BA in Sociology and Gender Studies from Indiana University, and a MA in Professional Communication from Purdue University. Before becoming a mother, Heathyr spent five years teaching in higher education. In 2012 Heathyr founded House of Harkless, now House of Hopes, as a way to help raise money for her dream of adopting. She spent a year balancing marriage, motherhood, teaching, and photography, and in the fall of 2013 decided to devote her time fully to motherhood, while continuing adoption fundraising.

In the summer of 2014, through the donations from photography, they reached their adoption fundraising goal (although, are still in the lengthy adoption process and waiting for a baby). Often donating her services as a way to give back, even while fundraising, she saw the blessing that her photography was to others. Heathyr felt called to continue and expand the philanthropic foundation of HoH. Her vision for HoH continues today through the various services offered that highlight different stories in the community. Heathyr feels a deep connection with serving others through nonprofit photography and has seen the impact it has made in the lives of those she has reached. She continues to donate her time and talent in hopes of making a difference in some small way.